Standup Meetings in Slack

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Nice Tuesday

Welcome to Tatsu

Tatsu, meaning "to stand", is a Slack app to help your team do asynchronous, remote standup meetings.

start a standup

‘start’ will start a meeting for that day. Tatsu will notify the channel that the meeting is starting and it will call on the first participant.

skip a participant

‘skip’ will skip the current participant and move on. Once the rotation is complete, it will return to any skipped participants.

dismiss a participant

‘dismiss’ will skip a participant for the day. Useful for people who are on vacation or otherwise not in the "office".

ending the standup

‘quit’ will prematurely end the standup for the day. This will notify the channel that the standup has ended and cease asking questions.

The next version of Tatsu is coming. See how it will kill the meeting.